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The Edge of Seventeen Movie Review

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I’ve been excited for The Edge of Seventeen for a while! Even though I haven’t loved every single movie from Hailee Steinfeld, I think she usually comes off as likable and relatable. I loved True Grit, and Begin Again was one of my favorite movies of 2013. I also think she’s really versatile, and now she’s getting her R-rated teen comedy! Honestly, I thought that this movie could easily be bad, but the trailers completely reversed that idea for me. I loved the trailers, and Woody Harrelson looked hilarious. Let’s talk about The Edge of Seventeen!

The Edge of Seventeen is directed by Kelly Fremon Craig and stars Hailee Steinfeld, Haley Lu Richardson, Blake Jenner, Kyra Sedgwick, and Woody Harrelson. Life hasn’t always been smooth for Nadine, played by Steinfeld. She’s not popular, she’s not well-dressed, and she doesn’t exactly run the local high school or have many friends. Her brother, however, is the exact opposite. How could life get worse? Maybe if her best and only friend started dating her older brother? Yup, everything is in a downward spiral. Nadine deals with this about as well as anyone would in her situation, and in the most confusing time of her life, she has to find a way to set herself back on the right track.

The Edge of Seventeen could have been a bad movie. I think it could have easily been a throwaway R-rated comedy the same way so many have been since American Pie. We have our classics, but everything that doesn’t fall under that category with Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Risky Business, and American Pie can kind of be thrown away. I think The Edge of Seventeen falls right in line with those movies. I adored this movie. I have so many reasons to love this movie, but I think my number one is that it’s just so relatable. I felt like it hit me over the head with a mirror, which was an amazing quality. The main character is socially awkward and unaccepted. She’s going through the hardest time of her life with a small circle of friends and can’t seem to get things to work out. That hits home about as hard as it can. This is a high school movie, and while I’m not in high school anymore, I can look at this movie and say that I think it hit a bullseye with its depiction of high school social life. High school is something I look back on and can’t decide if I’d rather redo it or erase it from my past, and that is so accurately portrayed in this movie. There is a scene where our main character is with her best friend, and they’re just hanging out at the house messing around and killing time together. My friend of a long time who I saw the movie with turned to me and said that the funniest part of that scene is that it’s exactly what we do when we hang out. They even looked like they were completely satisfied with it, and being someone who didn’t exactly own my high school class, I feel for that. There is another character in the movie who just owns every scene he is in, and he was really a revelation with every line and action. It sounds crazy, but that’s how relatable this character was! All of these actors bring so much humanity to their characters, and I loved it. I can’t round out the review without mentioning Woody Harrelson. He is incredible in this movie. He’s so funny, and his aloofness brings his amazing character to life. He also stole every scene he was in, and I wanted as much of him as I could possibly get. I also think that The Edge of Seventeen is hilarious with a heart-felt story. I went a little bit long with talking about how relatable the movie was, so I’ll just say that it’s so funny and has so much heart with a lot of that due to how close it hits to home. I had such an amazing time with The Edge of Seventeen.

My negatives and problems are pretty minor and almost completely outweighed by how much fun I had and how I felt like it was made to capture the real essence of high school, but I do have a few. First of all, it’s a little bit predictable. There are times in this movie where the emotion swells up and we get that scene that is too perfect for anything positive to happen after it. It happened a couple of times in this movie, and I thought it was pretty obvious. Next, I think that one aspect of the story only existed because this is a teen comedy. The unpopular person in a movie always seems to dream about the most popular person who they should never have a chance with and we hope they don’t get with because the morals of the unpopular main character and the popular crush are so different. This movie completely went for that despite having a near-perfect angle with another character.

Overall, I loved The Edge of Seventeen so much. I can’t get over how much I enjoyed it and could connect to it. I think it’s great for anyone who has ever felt like they don’t have a place in society or feels like high school didn’t go as planned. This is such a relatable film, and I think that everyone can at least find one thing in The Edge of Seventeen that hits right in the heart. I also think it’s insanely funny at the right times, and the cast is so great. This movie has so much heart, and I really think it could become a teen classic. I adored The Edge of Seventeen, and I’m going to give it an 8.4/10.

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