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Miss Sloane Movie Review

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To start things off with a little bit of a disclaimer, politics aren’t really my forte. It’s not something that gets me going, but I still do my best to pay attention to so that I know my stuff come election day. That being said, this isn’t subject matter that was going to get me out of bed in the morning. Either way, as with pretty much every movie, I wanted to see it and give it a chance. Jessica Chastain is one of my favorite actresses working today, so if anything, I was happy to see her in a movie not called The Huntsman: Winter’s War. Let’s talk about Miss Sloane!

Miss Sloane is directed by John Madden (not the Super Bowl winning coach) and stars Jessica Chastain as Elizabeth Sloane, one of the biggest lobbyists in our nation’s capitol. After she is asked to help oppose a bill putting strict rules on firearms, she decides that her personal values lie with those who are promoting the bill, and she decides to help push the bill through the Senate. It doesn’t come without a cost, though. Her career, her acquaintances, and her freedom are all in jeopardy if she makes certain moves. How far is she willing to go?

I wasn’t expecting to love this movie since I’m not big on politics, but I did like it. Most of what I liked, or maybe even everything I liked, surrounded Jessica Chastain. I was really captivated by her character, and I loved all of her retorts and actions. She was by far the best part of Miss Sloane, and I’d argue that she single-handedly carries the entire film. When a film promotes a character the way this character was promoted, you have to deliver with the writing, the charisma, and the performance, and all three of those deliver every single time Chastain is on-screen. I ended up with the thrills and the chills that I know the movie wanted to give me, and it was all due to the Oscar nomination worthy performance of Jessica Chastain. I also really liked Mark Strong. Every single reaction he has to the questionable moves made by Chastain’s character is gold, and I love what he can do in supporting roles. I don’t know if it’s a performance I’d say will be nominated for Best Supporting Actor, but he did elevate the movie.

As far as problems go with Miss Sloane, everything not coming out of the mouth of Chastain or Strong was extremely flat. Elizabeth Sloane was a very well-written character, but I could not care less about a single word that any other character said. Maybe it’s because the subject matter didn’t pique my interest or maybe it’s just flat. Either way, I faded out of the story when Chastain and Strong aren’t in the shot, even if it was for a couple of seconds. There is also one scene in the film that, because of the storytelling, I’m not sure of its place. Take, for example, Pulp Fiction. The entire story is out-of-order, but you can put it in order for the entire film to make sense, and there aren’t any continuation errors or discrepancies. In this film, there is some nonlinear storytelling, and by time the film was over I could not piece together where that one scene went.

Overall, I did like Miss Sloane, but everything not involving Jessica Chastain or Mark Strong felt very flat and uninteresting. Jessica Chastain gives one of the best performances of her career, and I could definitely see her being nominated at the Oscars for Best Actress. She is a very well-written character, and her delivery and composure work perfectly to give the character life. Mark Strong is also awesome, and he’s slowly becoming one of my favorite actors to see in supporting roles. In the end, I walked away with some thrills, but they all came from Chastain’s dialogue and delivery. Every time another character said something I lost interest. I also think there is one scene in the film that is there specifically for dramatic effect. It’s not a necessary scene, and I couldn’t find a place for it once the film was over and I thought about it. I’m going to give Miss Sloane a 6.8/10.

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