You won’t believe what this trio of high school students invented

Three high school students came up with a brilliant idea when they were asked by their teacher to create a product and business plan for an entrepreneurship class. Victoria Roca, Susana Cappello, and Carolina Balgorri were the only females in a class at Gulliver Preparatory School in Miami, according to USA Today. They decided to tackle an important women’s issue by inventing a straw that detects date rape drugs in a drink. Staggering statistics show that one in every five women is a victim of sexual assault, and this could potentially prevent a problem many women may encounter. The patent-pending Smart straw defeated over 200 other high school applicants shooting for the prize offered by the Miami Herald’s Business Plan Challenge. The straw works by having chemical test strips at one end that turn blue when they encounter date rape drugs such as GHB, ketamine, and “roofies,” as reported by Forbes. The girls plan to fund their invention through kickstarter with the hope they will be widely used. In a recent poll from Northwestern University, half surveyed admitted they knew someone who had been drugged in such a way while 85% said they would use the straw, per the Miami Herald. I would expect some drinks to be thrown in a few jerks faces if they are caught !

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Jeff Kode

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