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Band Aid Movie Review

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I think that Zoe Lister-Jones is truly hilarious. Every time I’ve seen her on television or in a film, she has aways caught my attention either with a good performance or through being laugh out loud funny. That’s why I was psyched to see her make her directorial debut with her own screenplay with a film that debuted at Sundance. I remember looking through the list of films at Sundance, and Band Aid was one that stood out to me for that exact reason. Let’s get down to the review and talk about Band Aid.

Band Aid is directed by and stars Zoe Lister-Jones along with Adam Pally, and Fred Armisen. Anna, played by Zoe Lister-Jones, and Ben, played by Adam Pally, are a married couple who can’t seem to stop fighting. They obviously love each other, but the little things get deep under their skin and tend to cause long, endless arguments. When they both have a blast from their musical past, they realize it’s almost pointless to argue when they can put their frustrations into songs that reflect their true thoughts and pet peeves.

First things first, this movie is really hilarious in a very grounded way. This screenplay nails actual at-home arguments. Our two main characters argue about things that every single family argues about. When you find yourself laughing hysterically at something all by yourself simply due to wit, delivery, and how relatable it is, you know that you’ve found something truly funny. Lister-Jones and Adam Pally have great chemistry that gives us the exact idea of a married couple. Yes, they love each other, but maybe they do have issues. I love how creative they get, and instead of being a depressing drama about a failing marriage, Lister-Jones is able to bring a lighter, yet still real, tone to serious issues. I truly think this is a great idea to get feelings out and speak your mind while not causing serious damage. I thought it made it easier to hear the characters legitimate intentions instead of listening to them bicker at the top of their lungs in the middle of the kitchen. I really enjoyed the heck out of this movie because of its creativity, decision-making, and the way it was able to explore the characters through their imperfections as compared to the things they do well. Band Aid focuses on discussing the flaws of these characters and what is wrong with them so that the audience can envision a path to correcting the issues. We never have a state of equilibrium, just like in the real world. There are very few moments that are perfect, yet we are still able to live our lives, trek through our problems, and hopefully share our feelings in healthy ways.

Where I think the film gets off track is when it makes the shift from a comedy to a hard-hitting drama. I still think that the writing remains strong, and it still feels as though Lister-Jones is pouring her brain and heart out into the dialogue, but it does seem to lose a bit of its charm. The bright cinematography and lighting made it a charismatic comedy dream that stands with its feet planted firmly in reality. Once it makes the shift to a drama it still feels as though the comedy is doing its best to peak through, and I wish it would have because that’s where this cast shines.

Overall, Band Aid is an excellent debut for Zoe Lister-Jones in all three departments. She and the rest of the cast perfectly sell this couple as a problematic duo who have found a great way to get their frustrations out. I was really invested in this relationship and these characters because it found a way to explore their humanity. It’s a surface study about human interaction, and with great laughs, a great cast, a great screenplay, and hilarious tunes, and it made me laugh out loud due to its wit and portrayal of reality. I’m going to give Band Aid a 7.2/10.

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