Where are they now? Willa Ford dishes about where she has been the past 15 years

Willa Ford was 20 years old when her hit single, “I Wanna Be Bad,” was released. That was in 2001. So what happened to her and why has it been so long since she had another smash? In a recent interview with Billboard Magazine, she blames the 9/11 attacks, noting her second single dropped on September 11, 2001 when the world stood still. Unfortunately for Willa, everything that debuted that day was canned, according to her. Understandably, the nation’s attention was on other things. As it goes with most singers, her record label was also bought out by another company at the time, and interest in her was lost. She was left in no man’s land. Today, Willa happily shares her life with her family, and loves her career as an interior designer, though she admits she misses performing and would love to go on the road to “hit the gay club circuit.” The LGBT community has enthusiastically supported her throughout the years, she says. Even Kylie Minogue didn’t return for two decades, after her hit, “The Loco-motion,” so Willa still has time for a comeback.

Jeff Kode

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