Great new app allows users to actually delete a text after sending it and we are living for it

Wait, what?!  So, you can really delete a text after sending it? Yes, you can!

A new app has made it possible to get rid of a text message from somebody’s phone prior to them seeing it. One more time, there IS actually a way to erase sent texts before the recipient has read them. After numerous times of hoping we could “unsend” a risky message when we were emotionally vulnerable, this is the news we’ve all been waiting for. Kudos to the tech gods of the cell phone universe.

If you have ever regretted sending a text, which we imagine is a scenario most everyone canrealte to, then the new app Privates acts as your own personal (non-illegal) cleaner, getting you out of any potential awkward situations that an ill-judged text, or picture, may get you in… Phew!

Privates, which is currently available on Apple iOS (Windows and Android versions are coming soon), allows users to recall messages before the recipient opens the message, so obviously speed is essential if you want the app to work.

In tandem with immediate recall function, Privates also allows users to customize “self-destruct settings” by selecting from three levels of security — Mild, Wild, and Insane — which deletes the message (so long as it’s unread) after three, 12, 24 hours accordingly.

Speaking to, Dr. Isaac Datikashvili, the creator of the app, says, “… it’s better than anything else at maintaining privacy. It’s not impossible but it’s virtually impossible for one person to screen grab or save anything if the security setting is high,” here referring to the screenshot prevention mechanism which prevents recipients from forwarding, copying, or saving your messages. We are living for this!

Jeff Kode

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