America’s six favorite Valentine’s Day candies offer gift ideas for that special someone

Looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift? Here’s a hint for you harried gift-hunters: Sixty-nine percent of people say they prefer chocolates to flowers.

In fact, lovebirds will spend a collective $1.7 billion on candy this February, according to the National Retail Foundation. But choosing the right sweets for your sweetheart can be a tricky task.

Thankfully, you don’t have to guess, because already vetted each candy for you. Researchers at the online bulk candy store dug through ten years of data, paying close attention to the sales leading up to February 14. The result: A list of the best-selling treats, state-by-state.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day candy, the classics reign supreme. Conversation hearts earned the top spot in a total of 19 states, while 14 other states preferred boxes of assorted chocolates. And you can’t go wrong with Hershey Kisses in Arkansas, Delaware, South Dakota, Utah, or Wisconsin; the five states consume nearly 300,000 pounds of the candy combined.

Which Valentine’s Day candy is the most popular in Arizona? Read on for the answer. And while you’re at it, make sure to avoid the Valentine’s Day candy everybody hates, too (unless you want to wind up spending the night on the couch!)

Of all the 50 states, Alabama was the only one with candy necklaces as the most popular Valentine’s Day candy. That was always a personal fave of mine!

Of the six candies mentioned, chocolate roses and chocolate hearts are tied for the sixth most popular items in the U.S. sold for Valentine’s Day, while M&M’s took fourth, Hershey Kisses were third, and it is was a close one for the top spot of America’s favorite Valentine’s Day candy, but box of chocolates was the runner-up with none other than conversation hearts winning nationwide, as well as here in Arizona.

I was at Spencer Gifts the other day and they have some naughty conversation hearts there. I can’t even tell you what they said!

Either way, have a lovely Valentine’s Day, or Singles Appreciation Day for those without a “boo.”

Jeff Kode

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