Your phone make be good for your feelings and productivity according to new study

A new study says phones really do make you feel good.

Researchers at Stanford claim that you’re not necessarily addicted if you need to be with your phone all the time.

It conducted two experiments to see whether the mere presence of a phone might do us good. And as one of the researchers, David Markowitz, writes in Behavioral Scientist, the results were hopeful for the future of mankind.

In one experiment, 125 people were divided into three groups.

Some were put in a room with their phones and allowed to play with them freely.

A second group was left in the presence of their phones, but weren’t allowed to touch them.

The final group was entirely gadget-bereft, left only with their imperfect selves.

The research report offered fascinating conclusions: “Participants self-reported more concentration difficulty and more mind wandering with no device present compared to using the phone, while resisting the phone led to greater perceived concentration abilities than sitting without the device.”

The idea, then, is that the mere presence of your phone is a more pleasant and productive experience than the complete absence of that beloved device.

The researchers theorize that this is because it represents one’s connection to potential social activity, given that humans are essentially social beings.

Jeff Kode

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