Avengers Infinity War expected to bring in box office gold this weekend

Avengers: Infinity War, or for casual moviegoers Avengers 4, will soon be kicking off the summer movie season, Friday, April 27th but the build-up is already making people bonkers!

Talk about a comic book fan’s dream cast; Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Spider Man, Black Panther, and the rest of the Avengers unite to battle their most powerful enemy yet!

Rumor has it Doctor Strange may be more powerful than we realized, you know, that whole Dark Dimension time loop thing?

Can you believe the original Avengers came out in 1998 and only made $23 million at the box office. It starred Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman, and Sean Connery. My, how times have changed!

The modern Marvel Avengers launched in 2012 and opened on over 4300 screens nationwide earning $207 million it’s premiere weekend. It went on to make $1.5 billion worldwide. This weekend’s installment will be shown on over 4400 screens across North America.

No other new notable films are added in theaters this weekend, but continuing are horror-thriller A Quiet Place, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson starring in Rampage, Amy Schumer’s comedy I Feel Pretty, Super Troopers 2, Marvel’s other big movie, Black Panther, Steven Speilberg’s sci-fi adventure Ready Player One, and the thriller Truth or Dare.

Whatever you decide to see, enjoy, and comment with your favorites and the ones we should avoid!

Jeff Kode

Jeff Kode has previously written articles for The Arizona Republic, as well as other publications including Echo Magazine and IONAZ Magazine. He is an enthusiastic movie lover, and enjoys discovering new music. He was previously on air middays with his own show The Sugar Rush, 6-9 am on The Morning Beat with Steve and Jeff, and can now be heard during the afternoon drive 3 to 5 pm at 88.7 The Pulse.