If you could have any superpower you wished for what would it be?

LSC Communications asked teens if they could have any superpower in the world, what would they choose?

Based on their responses, these are the Top 5.

X-Ray vision was the fifth highest choice, while about 1 in 10 chose super speed.

The third most popular pick was super strength.

Then, roughly 1 out of 4 thought flying would be a fun superpower.

That leaves us with the number one answer among teens of what superpower they would have if they could.

Just short of half of them said mind reading.

All of us at 88.7 The Pulse can think of a few more cool ones like being invisible (my favorite)

One of our listeners, Abraham, said he would love the superpower of healing. Awww that’s so sweet!

Time travel could be fun!

What about being able to talk to animals?

Use your imagination! If you can think of any other superpower you would love to have, let us know in the comments! We love hearing from you!

Jeff Kode

Jeff Kode has previously written articles for The Arizona Republic, as well as other publications including Echo Magazine and IONAZ Magazine. He is an enthusiastic movie lover, and enjoys discovering new music. He was previously on air middays with his own show The Sugar Rush, 6-9 am on The Morning Beat with Steve and Jeff, and can now be heard during the afternoon drive 3 to 5 pm at 88.7 The Pulse.