This way to make money is so simple it’s almost criminal

You’ve heard the phrase “time is money.” So how much is your time worth?

If I told you that you could get paid to wait in line, what would you think? Would you do it?

What if I told you people have been doing it for years? For big events like Black Friday, movie premieres, free food, and more, people post on Craigslist that they are willing to stand in line for you and they name their price, the highest bidder wins and you cash in!

The trend is growing and demand is high!

People actually make a living doing this! A guy in New York made a business called Same Ole Line Dudes and his first gig was standing in line for 19 hours. He was paid $325 to do so. What for you ask? It was all for an iPhone 5. His company has since grown to 39 employees willing to wait in line for others.

What does he charge customers? A minimum of two hours for $45. Each additional half hour is $10, and each additional hour is $20.

If this is something you would want to try out, there is a website to start. You can even set your own rate! Would you stand in line for a price? If so, how much?

Try it our for yourself at,, or

Jeff Kode

Jeff Kode has previously written articles for The Arizona Republic, as well as other publications including Echo Magazine and IONAZ Magazine. He is an enthusiastic movie lover, and enjoys discovering new music. He was previously on air middays with his own show The Sugar Rush, 6-9 am on The Morning Beat with Steve and Jeff, and can now be heard during the afternoon drive 3 to 5 pm at 88.7 The Pulse.