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New Arizona laws about fun time fake service animals and the age of weddings

Several new laws passed by the Arizona State Legislature in 2018 go into effect today (Friday, August 3rd).

Relating to school, one new law mandates recess for young kids. Kindergarten through third grade classes will be required to provide two recess periods per day. Advocates of the law say it will curb the trend of schools offering less time for recreation to children. Is recess beneficial for kids at school?

Another new law going into effect in Arizona is no fake service animals allowed. It will be illegal to misrepresent a pet as a service animal in businesses. Violators will face fines of up to $250. Opponents of the measure say it may be difficult to enforce and some worry it could cause uncomfortable situations for individuals with disabilities. Do you think fake service animals are a problem?

Well here’s a strange one, if you have any high school sophomores at home beware of this one. The new minimum age for marriage is now 15. Can you really fall in love so young?

UPDATE 8/6: A total of 347 new laws went into effect in Arizona that will affect how you live, work, and play and here are some you many want to know about –

In the traffic department, photo radar tickets will now be made harder to fight. An officer will now have to review the citation before it is sent out.

Traffic tickets will cost you a little more, $4 more to be exact. That extra money will go to help pay for police officer training and equipment.

There will also be harsher penalties for wrong-way drivers. Violators can be subject to a $500 fine and mandatory traffic school. Those wrong-way drivers found to be impaired will lose their license for a year and can expect a minimum of four months behind bars. Penalties increase if there’s a crash or a death.

Lastly, Grade A eggs can stay on the grocery store shelf even longer.  Their expiration date extended from 24 days to 45 days. Lawmakers agreed customers were throwing away millions in perfectly good and healthy food.

Jeff Kode

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