Support your future workforce with an EVIT tax credit donation

Did you know that you can help students at the East Valley Institute of Technology and reduce your tax liability at the same time? The East Valley Institute of Technology qualifies for Arizona’s Public School Extracurricular Activity Tax Credit program.

It works like this:  Individual taxpayers contribute up to $200, married couples up to $400, in a tax credit donation to EVIT, and then claim the donation on their income tax return to reduce how much is owed.

When you make your donation, you can donate to a specific EVIT program or just to EVIT. The donation will be used for students’ extracurricular activities, such as field trips or travel to competitions.

At EVIT, you know your contribution will support high quality career and technical education. EVIT students have a 98 percent high school graduation rate, 2 out of 3 go on to college, and 85 percent are in college, jobs or the military within one year of completing their training. That’s a great return on investment for taxpayers, industry and Arizona’s workforce and economy. It’s why TIME magazine called EVIT “learning that works.”

To make a tax credit donation to EVIT, click on this link:

For more information about Arizona’s tax credit program for public schools, visit this link:

We pride ourselves at EVIT for helping students find their passion and then turning those passions into paychecks. Now you have the opportunity to turn a tax credit donation into a win-win for you and for EVIT students.

Thanks for all you do to support EVIT — Arizona’s premier career and technical education school!

Justin Heintz

Digital Media Director and jack of all trades at 88.7 The Pulse.