You may never see Snapchat the same again after this change

The unthinkable may happen! Social media will never be the same again!

Snapchat has made an announcement that may completely change how you use it. The social media platform is now planning to change its basic policy with regard to retaining the photos and videos on it’s site. The regular site, as well as the “Our Story” section will be affected. In other words, no more snaps.

According to a report from Reuters, this plan has not been confirmed by Snapchat officially. The report states that Snapchat is looking to make the photos and videos last longer, or even permanent.

The changes are seen as a huge departure for Snapchat and its users. Data that will be put to public viewing will only be of those members who have agreed to have their photos or stories shared. However, for Snapchat, its USP has always been that snaps disappeared either in 24 hours when put as a story or in a few seconds and changing this may trigger backlash, especially from younger users.

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Jeff Kode

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