Every NFL Super Bowl Ranked From the Last Decade

Super Bowl LIII is this upcoming Sunday, February 3rd on CBS. The New England Patriots look to win their 6th ring, the Los Angeles Rams have a chance for their 2nd championship in franchise history and Tony Romo gets to experience his first Super Bowl…from the broadcast booth. To prepare for Sunday’s big game, I thought it would be nice to drive down memory lane with a 10 year challenge for the Super Bowl. Here’s the list from worst to first.

#10 – Super Bowl XLVIII – Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos

Classic Peyton Manning. In a match up of best offense versus best defense, the defense won before the first snap. Starting with a bad snap for a safety on the first play is not the way to win a championship. Peyton Manning didn’t show up for another playoff game and gifted the Seahawks the win. It was a total blowout and Seattle won their first Super Bowl; the worst possible result for the big game. [Final – Seattle 43 Denver 8]

#9 – Super Bowl 50 – Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos

The worst Quarterback play by both teams in a Super Bowl. Luckily, Denver had CJ Anderson rush for 90 yards and a touchdown, who now has a chance to win his second ring with the Rams. The Broncos flipped the script from two years before against the Seahawks and Von Miller pressured Cam Newton all day. I still question Gary Kubiak’s decision to keep Manning in instead of putting in Osweiler, even though they knew it was Peyton’s last game. The old, worn down sheriff threw for only 141 yards with an interception. Closer than it should have been for the dominant defense in Denver. [Final – Denver 24 Carolina 10]

#8 – Super Bowl XLVI – New York Giants vs New England Patriots

This was a close game, but not as entertaining as I thought it would have been. A rematch of Super Bowl XLII with Brady and the gang looking for revenge and they end up losing the same exact way. Manning throws a pass for a ridiculous sideline catch. Ahmad Bradshaw becomes the Plaxico of this Super Bowl, rushing in for the game winning touchdown. At least it came down to the wire with Gronkowski diving for the tipped Hail Mary, but it was nothing new in New York and one game most people forget about. [Final – New York 21 New England 17]

#7 – Super Bowl XLII – New York Giants vs New England Patriots

Even though it is considered one of the greatest upsets of all time, the overall game wasn’t exciting. Both teams played under the level they should have and produced a low scoring game. Giants pulled off the win for those 1972 Dolphins and a 19-0 season is still yet to come. This New England offense did not show at all what they were in the regular season and their defense gave up some crucial plays on the game winning drive. Somewhere in New York, David Tyree still has gum stuck on his helmet from that game. [Final – New York 17 New England 14]

#6 – Super Bowl XLV – Pittsburgh Steelers vs Green Bay Packers

Good old Aaron Rodgers with a defense. The Packers had momentum from their 21-14 win over Jay Cutler and the Bears in the NFC championship game two weeks before and the Steel Curtain was fading quickly. Rodgers was decent in his first and only Super Bowl and the defense came up big (Especially with D-Lineman B.J. Raji). This win was the sigh of relief the Packers needed after the Favre saga and made the future look bright. Unfortunately, it was the closest thing to a complete team Rodgers has ever had and defense has been the Achilles’ Heel to Green Bay since the win. [Final – Green Bay 31 Pittsburgh 25]

#5 – Super Bowl XLVII – Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers

The Harbaugh Bowl. Two QBs in the prime: Colin Kaepernick and unibrow Joe Flacco. Aside from the 30 minute delay with the lights going out and seeing the CBS play Anquan Boldin’s TD catch 15 times, it was a good game. Almost another big comeback from the 49ers in a Super Bowl, but the Ravens defense  came up big and won the game, giving Jim Harbaugh nightmares to this day. This game had a couple farewells to some of the league’s biggest names in Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Randy Moss. Since then, both franchises have lost their spark and look to new franchise quarterbacks to bring them to the glory days. Maybe the Ravens would have been better off if Flacco didn’t shave his unibrow. [Final – Baltimore 34 San Francisco 29]

#4 – Super Bowl LII – Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots

Nick Foles, A.K.A. Rocky Balboa, was and still is a beast in the postseason. No disrespect to Carson Wentz, but the Eagles would have lost this game had he have been healthy. Foles was in another world and the NFL rallied behind him. 373 yards, 3 TDs and of course, one of the greatest plays of all time: The Philly Special, giving Foles a receiving touchdown as well. Brady didn’t have a bad game at all, throwing for the most yards in a single Super Bowl with 505 with 3 touchdowns, but a dropped catch and a forced fumble from Brandon Graham is what he will be remembered for from this Super Bowl. The game was entertaining from start to finish and Philadelphia finally got revenge from 2005. [Final – Philadelphia 41 New England 33]

#3 – Super Bowl XLIX – New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks

Say it with me, “Why did they throw the ball?” Another thriller courtesy of the Patriots. And another Seahawks Super Bowl loss. What looked like Back-to-Back championships for Seattle, up by 10 with 8 minutes in the 4th quarter, turned into a Tom Brady comeback victory…again. Of course this game will always be remembered from Pete Carroll’s awful play call to pass the ball inside the 5 yard line with Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. Malcolm Butler makes an incredible defense play to win Super Bowl #4 for Brady and the Patriots. A win for the Patriots and Cardinals fans. [Final – New England 28 Seattle 24]

#2 – Super Bowl XLIII – Pittsburgh Steelers vs Arizona Cardinals

This one stings to put up so high, but it was one of the greatest games ever. It had everything in it. A high flying offense versus dominant defense. Underdog 9-7 team versus a 12-4 powerhouse franchise. So many memorable plays from the game as well. James Harrison with a 100 yard pick six thanks to Boldin for running the wrong route. Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald coming back to the second half and scoring two touchdowns, including the 64 yard touchdown, helping the Cards gain a 3 point lead, but leaving 2:37 on the clock for Big Ben. The game winning drive showed the biggest flaw in the Arizona team: the secondary. Santonio Holmes became a legend after his drive with 5 catches, 84 yards and his game winning touchdown catch, claiming the 6th super bowl in franchise history, 2nd in Ben Roethlisberger’s career. Warner becomes and still is the only player to throw over 360 yards in three super bowls. Defense is what ended the Cardinals season and any chance for Larry to win a Super Bowl in his career. [Final – Pittsburgh 27 Arizona 23]

#1 – Super Bowl LI – New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

28-3. Easiest way to describe this classic. First ever OT Super Bowl in 51 years of the game. The end of the Patriots dynasty flipped on one play. If Devonta Freeman picks up the block on Hightower and the Falcons hold possession, enough time is run out for Atlanta to win their first Super Bowl. Instead, a fumble is forced and the Falcons become the Titanic and hit the New England iceberg. James White records the most amount of receptions in a Super Bowl with 14 (as a Running Back), Edelman pulls off one of the greatest catches on the game tying drive, and Brady throws over 460 yards, most in a Super Bowl, (until he threw 505 yards a year later). James White rushes in for the game winning touchdown, capping off a truly remarkable game. [Final (OT) – New England 34 Atlanta 28]

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