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Bosa to Arizona, Murray to the Raiders – NFL Mock Draft

The first round of the 2019 NFL Draft is just a month away on April 25th and the Cardinals are on the clock, with the general consensus being Kyler Murray as the first overall pick. I’ve done my research and came up with the best selections for each team. Here is the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft…minus any trades that could come on the evening of the big event:


1st Pick – Arizona Cardinals: Nick Bosa (DE – Ohio State)

If the Cards do not decide to trade their pick away, then Bosa is the logical choice in this scenario. Everyone believes Arizona wants Kyler Murray and that’s where the front office has won. They have the leverage to do whatever is necessary. I personally believe it would be a mistake to draft Murray since he has baseball as a backup and can go whenever he wants to. Bosa is the best player in the draft and the Cardinals definitely do not want to let Bosa fall into the hands of the division rival San Francisco 49ers. Adding Bosa also creates a trio of lethal defenders with Jones and Suggs on the front line.


2nd Pick – San Francisco 49ers: Quinnen Williams (DT – Alabama)

After signing Dee Ford in free agency, the 49ers don’t necessarily need an edge defender, making it more likely to see a defensive tackle to continue beefing up the front seven. Williams was terrific back in the Crimson Tide system and should transition well into the NFL.


3rd Pick – New York Jets: Josh Allen (DE – Kentucky)

A solid pass rusher that helps a broken Jets defense. In fact, first quality defensive lineman since Sheldon Richardson. Should fit in and give life to the New York team.


4th Pick – Oakland Raiders: Kyler Murray (QB – Oklahoma)

Fourth overall? Yup. Kyler Murray will drop to the Raiders if available and Mayock will be happy to select the young star. It also keeps him close to the baseball scene, considering he was drafted by the Oakland Athletics.


5th Pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Devin White (LB – LSU)

Bruce Arians and Todd Bowles need a big play maker to jump in for the Bucs in their first season and White should fit in. Him and Bucannon will create a big impact on the Tampa Bay defense.


6th Pick – New York Giants: D.K. Metcalf (WR – Mississippi)

If the Giants stay at the sixth spot, it would be clear they are not chasing a quarterback. Instead, they’ll need the best receiver to fit in after the Beckham Jr. trade and Metcalf caught all eyes at the NFL Combine. Eli is getting old, but New York still has faith in him…a terrible mistake.


7th Pick – Jacksonville Jaguars: Andre Dillard (OT – Washington State)

We can throw out the idea of Jacksonville drafting a QB after the acquisition of Nick Foles. However, this signing also impacts their first round pick, taking an offensive lineman to help protect the new starting quarterback.


8th Pick – Detroit Lions: Rashan Gary (DE – Michigan)

Trey Flowers was a big signing for the Lions and adding another versatile edge defender will make the Detroit defense better. Gary wouldn’t even need to move too far away from his college.


9th Pick – Buffalo Bills: Jawaan Taylor (OT – Florida)

Josh Allen needs to be protected for the season and Taylor can help build up the offensive line. Losing Kyle Williams could influence their pick to go towards a defensive lineman.


10th Pick – Denver Broncos: Devin Bush (MLB – Michigan)

The defense is far from their 2015-16 form and adding a solid middle linebacker might do the trick. Bush and Miller would create a nice combination in that front seven.


11th Pick – Cincinnati Bengals: T.J. Hickenson (TE – Iowa)

Tyler Eifert has been unhealthy for the time he has been on Cincinnati. It is time that they try to make a change and bring in T.J. Hickenson from Iowa to take over and try to create some offense for the Bengals.


12th Pick – Green Bay Packers: Ed Oliver (DT – Houston)

This team needs a new identity on defense if they want another super bowl run with Aaron Rodgers. Oliver will help bring life to a depleted defense and provide disruption along the defensive line. A solid defensive tackle that can become a difference maker.


13th Pick – Miami Dolphins: Dwayne Haskins (QB – Ohio State)

I would not take Haskins even with a third round pick, but he has convinced NFL teams that they need him. The fins get a man to fill in for Tannehill and the AFC East gets another career to be destroyed by the Patriots.


14th Pick – Atlanta Falcons: Jonah Williams (OT – Alabama)

Probably an offensive pick for the ice cold Falcons and Williams comes from Alabama so you know he’ll perform well. Should be a no-brainer for Atlanta.


15th Pick – Washington Redskins: Daniel Jones (QB – Duke)

After Alex Smith’s gruesome leg injury in 2018, the Redskins need to consider the future. It will come down to Daniel Jones or Drew Lock after Haskins is drafted and my gut says Jones goes first to Washington.


16th Pick – Carolina Panthers: Clelin Ferrell (DE – Clemson)

The first player drafted from the 2019 champions, Ferrell should exceed expectations after Carolina lost Julius Peppers to retirement and Thomas Davis in free agency. The defense will need all the help it can get.


17th Pick – New York Giants (From Cleveland): Drew Lock (QB – Missouri)

That whole thing about the Giants having faith in Eli? They lied. They wait until their second, first round pick and take Lock from Missouri. Not crazy about the Quarterback class, but the Giants need something out of the draft.


18th Pick – Minnesota Vikings: Cody Ford (OG – Oklahoma)

Kirk Cousins gets help on the front lines and can breathe while in the pocket. The Vikings could take the division with this selection…or lose it on the last game from a Cousins interception.


19th Pick – Tennessee Titans: Irv Smith (TE – Alabama)

Delanie Walker’s health has been in question for the past couple years and they need a tight end who will be consistent and healthy. Irv Smith should do the trick and provide some assistance for Mariota.


20th Pick – Pittsburgh Steelers: Byron Murphy (CB – Washington)

It felt amazing to watch this dumpster fire go from horrible to awful just from an offseason. They finally got rid of the two divas on offense and in return, they got…Donte Moncrief? This team is done for. Murphy is a solid player from the PAC-12, but he gets thrown into a declining franchise. Oh how glorious it is!


21st Pick – Seattle Seahawks: Montez Sweat (DE – Mississippi State)

Sweat’s heart condition unfortunately drops his talent in this draft, but not too far from where he could be selected. Seattle gets a defensive player who could bring pressure to opposing quarterbacks.


22nd Pick – Baltimore Ravens: Parris Campbell (WR – Ohio State)

The defense is in a good position, but the offense needs help at the wide receiver after losing John Brown and Michael Crabtree. Lamar Jackson will not throw to Campbell, but at least he can be a distraction to defenses.


23rd Pick – Houston Texans: Dalton Risner (OT – Kansas State)

Deshaun Watson clearly needed help in the wild card game against the Colts and Risner will help build up a defensive line that did jack squat for the young quarterback.


24th Pick – Oakland Raiders (From Chicago): Josh Jacobs (RB – Alabama)

The Raiders have the quarterback for the future, a franchise wide receiver, and now, a solid starting running back. Oakland’s offense would be hard to sleep on with Murray, Brown, and Jacobs.


25th Pick – Philadelphia Eagles: Deandre Baker (CB – Georgia)

After Doug Pederson flips the table and his super bowl ring falls off after the previous pick, he settles down and selects a talented corner in Baker. Not a bad selection, but not the one Philly wanted.


26th Pick – Indianapolis Colts: N’Keal Harry (WR – Arizona State)

This pick would make me sad and happy at the same time. The Cardinals could use Harry in their new system, but I’d be glad to see the receiver in Indy with Luck and possibly win a couple rings. The Colts just need a solid number two guy opposite of Hilton and Harry would fit the role.


27th Pick – Oakland Raiders (From Dallas): Greedy Williams (CB – LSU)

After Mike Mayock lands two, offensive players, Jon Gruden finally gets his turn with a pick and gets a defensive player he will like in Greedy Williams. The pick will bring a threat in the secondary, something Oakland has not seen a couple years.


28th Pick – Los Angeles Chargers: Greg Little (OT – Ole Miss)

I think this is the only position the Chargers need to address because this team is just too perfect. They need to keep Rivers up in the pocket because the old man has shown he isn’t done with playing the game.


29th Pick – Kansas Chiefs: Johnathan Abram (S – Mississippi State)

Yes, Eric Berry was a very good safety for this team, but his health created problems the team couldn’t fix. Grabbing Abram late in the first round is the best thing to try and save the secondary.


30th Pick – Green Bay Packers (From New Orleans): Marquise Brown (WR – Oklahoma)

Thanks to ranch drinking Mike McCarthy, the Packers offense is in shambles. They need to reload the offense with Marquise Brown. If Kyler Murray was so successful with him at Oklahoma, just imagine what he can do with Rodgers.


31st Pick – Los Angeles Rams: Garrett Bradbury (C – N.C. State)

The Rams look like they are locked and loaded for another long season and could use additional reinforcements on the offensive line. Bradbury will fit into the Rams system and protect the pretty boy Jared Goff.


32nd Pick – New England Patriots: Noah Fant (TE – Iowa)

With Gronkowski retiring after an incredible career, the Patriots need to replace the beast. The second tight end from Iowa drafted in the first round goes to the evil empire to appear in how ever many super bowls Brady is still able to play in.

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