Box Office Recap for April 19th-21st

The top performing movies for the weekend of April 19th-21st

Lots of great movies came out this weekend, including The Curse of La Llorona (pronounced your-oh-na) which reeled in $26.505 million.

To quote the iconic Al McCoy, Shazam! That was the number 2 movie this weekend, grossing $17.3 million, giving them $121.341 million in total since their release on April 5th.

The new movie Breakthrough made it at number 3 with $11.1 million, while Captain Marvel is still raking in money with $9.1 million this weekend, totaling a whopping $400.026 million to their name since the release.

Lookout for this weekend though, as the number 1 spot is likely going to be secured by the brand new Avengers movie. Avengers: Endgame is set to release this Thursday at select theaters, but everywhere starting Friday.

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