R.I.P iTunes… Apple Parts Ways With Iconic Music Service

With the emergence of online streaming and pirated content, iTunes is set to be gone for good on all Apple devices

Most of us, including myself, remember loading up our first iPod with all kinds of cool songs like Battlefield by Jordan Sparks and Crank Dat by Soulja Boy on iTunes. Pretty soon, kids won’t be able to feel that same pleasure.

Apple Inc. has announced that iconic music service, iTunes on Mac products, will soon be erased, in order to prevent pirated content.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that there will be new desktop apps to replace it, and they are Music, TV, and Podcasts.

iOS devices already have these apps. It is unclear when

This comes after a big marketing campaign that is geared more towards their computer products, and they say that the new format will limit people from stealing media, and allow their respective artists to earn profits from their work.

It seems like just yesterday Steve Jobs told us about the very first iPod that can fit 1,000 songs in your pocket. Where has the time gone?

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