Arizona In The Middle Of The Country When It Comes To Jobs

Number 27 in the nation for jobs isn't bad. It could be worse.

That’s right… Arizona is STILL making tons of “top” lists. This time, WalletHub made a list of the top states in the union for jobs. Many metrics were used, and Arizona may not have cracked into the top spot, but we did finish number 27.

This puts Arizona one spot ahead of Maine (28) and just behind Maryland (26).

WalletHub compared the 50 states across a total of 33 key indicators, including job-market strength, economy status, employment growth, annual income, and average commute time.

The top dog was Massachusetts at number 1, where they notably ranked number 1 in the ‘Job Market’ category. Number 2 was Washington, and number 3 was our neighbors to the Northeast, Colorado.

The worst state in the union according to WalletHub is West Virginia, noting the 2nd lowest amount of job opportunities and unemployment rate, above Alaska.

Notably however, we placed number 2 in ‘Highest Employment Growth’ right under Massachusetts. What brought us down was our unemployment rate, in which we tied for the 5th highest next to Mississippi.

27 isn’t half bad at all, that number will likely go up with the amount of jobs that keep popping up around the valley.

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