Iconic James Holzhauer’s Loss Gets Same Ratings as NBA Finals

Jeopardy heroes get remembered, but ratings never die...

James Holzhauer, hands-down the most entertaining and like-able guy that we’ve seen on hit TV Show ‘Jeopardy’ hosted by Alex Trebek, just had his 32-winning streak put to a stop, but Jeopardy is still a winner.

News of Holzhauer’s last game on the show quickly spread after Monday’s original air time, and it’s because of this that Jeopardy saw their best ratings in the past 14 years, a whopping 10.1 percent of households who had their TV’s on had them on Jeopardy.

That is the same percentage that the NBA Network scored for Game 2 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors. Yes… the FINALS.

Will there ever be another James Holzhauer? Maybe. Will anyone’s personality ever overtake one of the biggest sports championships in the country? DEFINETLEY not.

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Mateo Valdez

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