Arizona Is The 14th ‘Most Fun’ State To Visit gave us their list of the top states to visit, AZ cracked the top 15

If there’s one thing I hear the most often while living in Arizona, it’s my peers saying: “Arizona is so boring!”

Quite frankly, it’s just not true, and Wallethub, a personal finance website, ranked all 50 states in the union on how good of a visit you’d have if you went, and Arizona came in at number 14 on the list!

Wallethub used 26 metrics to determine their list, the two biggest ones being Recreation/Entertainment and Nightlife.

Arizona placed 8 overall in Recreation/Entertainment, and got the 23rd spot in nightlife, noting the expensive prices it will run you to go out in the valley.

See, Arizona is cool!

Notably, or neighbor to the west, California placed number 1 on the list, followed by Florida and New York and number 2 and 3.  California took the top spot when it came to Recreation and Entertainment, and Nevada took the crown for Best Nightlife (Viva Las Vegas!)

The bottom 3 from 48 to 50 are Delaware, Mississippi, and West Virginia.

So the next time that someone says Arizona is boring, send em’ this article. And tell em’ Mateo sent you (:

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