Downtown Phoenix Receives Wall Mural in Honor of Prince

Fans of the late singer can now marvel at a brand new piece of art in Downtown Phoenix

We’re gonna party like it’s 1999!

The late and great Prince left this world in April of 2016, but his impact on the music industry and modern-day pop will live on forever. A freshly painted mural in Downtown Phoenix honors just that.

Completed Phoenix art mural in honor of Prince, designed and created by Maggie Keane (via Phoenix New Times)

It is located on 15th Avenue and Roosevelt Street in the Roosevelt District. The heart of Downtown!

The artist behind the brush is Maggie Keane, and she began her career as sketch artist roughly 40 years ago.

It’s a gnarly size too – 18 feet high and 47 feet wide. It even includes mirrors on a pair of his sunglasses that reflect Roosevelt street. She says the piece took her two months to finish.

This isn’t a first time piece for Keane either. She has created numerous murals in her home state of Colorado of David Bowie, and boy is she talented…


If you’re interested in art, Phoenix has TONS of art murals all across the state, and if you want a full list of what and where they are, click here

Rest in peace to the pop legend himself, formally known as Prince.

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