EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Bryan Bullerdick, Cloned His Cat For $25k

This man and his wife pays a pretty to continue his 19-year bond with his late cat, Cinnabon

Bryan and Ashley Bullerdick got married in 1999, and shortly after, they rescued a cat. That cat would spend the next 19 years with the family, her name was Cinnabon (my favorite airport restaurant).

This past October, Cinnabon unfortunately passed away, but her spirit still lives on… literally.

The couple saw an article about Barbra Streisand and her viral pet-cloning story, and decided to give it a shot. They used the company ViaGen, the same company that Miss Streisand used to clone her dogs.

All it took was a mouth swab and a skin sample from the original Cinnabon, and months later, Cinnabon 2 was born.

On the Morning Beat with Steve and Mateo, we got a chance to interview the man behind the decision, Bryan. He talks about how the cat is doing, and if he would consider doing it a 3rd time.

Listen below!


Mateo Valdez

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