EXCLUSIVE: Competitive Eater Molly Schuyler Takes The Morning Beat with Mateo and Jared

32 hamburgers in 10 minutes?! Schuyler talks about how she did it, how she got started, and where her ceiling ends as a competitive eater

Hamburgers are delicious… truly America’s dish. How many can YOU eat in 10 minutes? Probably not as much as Molly Schuyler.

39-year-old Molly Schuyler is taking the competitive eating world by storm for her ability to scarf down massive amounts of food in a little time period.

She’s coming off her 5th straight win in the Annual Z Burger Eating Championship, where she took home a whopping $1,500 for eating 32 hamburgers in 10 minutes, a record she crushed from last year’s competition.

Not to mention, she held the previous record which was 27.

Hamburgers aren’t her only specialty, she also has the 2nd place title in both a national taco and pizza eating competition as well.

Joey Chestnut is somewhere shaking…

She joined Mateo and Jared in the Morning Beat to talk about how she got there, and she shares some insight on what else the future has planned for her.

Hint: It’s about food.

Listen Below!


You can check out some of the stunts she’s been doing on her YouTube channel by clicking here

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