Volunteers Needed! MCACC Needs Help Cooling Down Kennels

The Maricopa County Animal Care and Control says puppy kennels are getting a little too hot to bear, and need your help

Help the good boys (and girls) out!

The MCACC (Maricopa County Animal Care and Control) reported that their kennels are getting to be hard to maintain a cool temperature in their Western animal shelter.

A spokesperson said that the shelters are equipped with evaporative coolers, but some are just unable to keep cool which makes some kennels hotter to be in than others.

An evaporative cooler, like the name implies, takes air from the outside and cools down the evaporated water particles to provide fresh air. When the don’t work, it results in hot air being blown into the area it’s placed in.

“The county is in the process of replacing those coolers but unfortunately with the way the system runs the replacement will not take place until September,” said Jose Santiago of the MCACC.

It was reported that temperatures in the shelter could reach up to 108 degrees for extended periods of time, and averages about 100 degrees throughout the day.

Volunteers are wetting blankets and towels for the pups to lay on, and ice is being delivered regularly to the shelter.

New volunteer applications aren’t being accepted at this time, but they are asking for cooler donations to assist in keeping the water and towels cold.

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Save our pups!

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