More People Would Rather Get Food Poisoning Than Have No WiFi on Vacation… Seriously?

A new study conducted on behalf of Roku, they found that having no WiFi while on vacation is the second-worst vacation disaster

Ready to drop your jaw down to floor and say ‘are you kidding me’? Here it goes…

The company ‘OnePoll’ conducted a study on behalf of the streaming service ‘Roku’ to find out the answer to this question: What qualifies a ‘vacation disaster’? In other words, what’s the worst thing that can happen while you’re on vacation?

2,000 people who are subscribed to Roku’s services were asked this question, and the answers shocked the country, especially those who here in the valley.

Lost luggage was deemed the worst disaster, with 54% of the respondents giving that answer, while the second worst disaster was having no WiFi fore the trip. 47% of respondents stated that answer.

Those two answers made it above getting food poisoning (47%), consistent bad weather (47%), losing a credit card (44%), and yes, having no A/C access (39%).

Clearly these people aren’t going to Arizona.

Another interesting stat that was discovered was that on average, it will take the average person (kid or adult) 27 minutes before someone on the trip asks for the WiFi password. However, 42% of those people don’t even make it past the 15 minute mark.

Summer vacation is coming to an end for a lot of the valley, were you apart of the majority who needed WiFi this summer over some A/C and clean food? I know I’m guilty of not reaching the 15 minute mark…

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