Streetwear Company Touts New Line of Sweatshirts, Gets Major Backlash

At a New York fashion show, a clothing brand promotes the country's famous school shootings on hoodies with bullet holes in them

Yes you read that description correctly, I was just as shocked as you are…

A clothing company by the name of Bstroy debuted it’s Spring 2020 collection, and had some pretty stylish pieces… until they showed their hoodies.

They debuted a line of 4 different hoodies, each featuring the names of a school involved in a major mass shooting. All them also had bullet holes in numerous areas, one for each victim slain in their incidents.

Pictured above is their take on the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, where 27 kids and teachers were gunned down in a massacre that was felt around the world.

The other hoodies include that of Virginia Tech, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and Columbine High School.

Instagram users are calling some of the designs “disgusting” and “tasteless” in response.

Opponents of the stunt say that it is a deliberate exploitation of the victims of these shootings and their families, while supporters (or at least those explaining the reasoning) say that the line is designed to make you feel uncomfortable, and the company was aiming to ignite the gun control conversation.

Bstroy shockingly isn’t the only one that pulled a stunt like this, as Urban Outfitters made the news for selling a bloodied Kent State pullover to represent the 1970 Kent State shooting, where 4 students were killed on campus by an Army National Guard Unit for publicly protesting the Vietnam War.

This a jaw dropping move to say the least… please do not purchase these pieces.

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