Sadly, No Aliens Were Found This Weekend

The 'Storm Area 51 Event' that had local authorities on high alert this past Friday, only resulted in 2 arrested

I guess we have to wait to ‘see them aliens’…

The notorious Facebook event simply titled ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us’ went unexpectedly viral overnight, racking up 2 million backers saying they would go to Rachel, Nevada on September 20th for the big event. Only 3,000 people ending up following through and attending.

Thankfully no one was seriously hurt, however 2 arrests were made according to a statement from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

One unidentified person was arrested for an alcohol-related crime, and a Canadian women was cuffed for incident exposure.

Another women was detained and released away from the site after coming too close to the entrance.

In the same area, The Lincoln County Sheriff’s office also reported that several arrests were made by the Nevada Highway Patrol in connection to the event.

Tons of companies rode the Area 51 trend, including Bud Light, who stated that they’d be giving free beer to any alien that made it out.

I guess no beer bongs with the boys today… ):

Mateo Valdez

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