Netflix May Stop Allowing You To Share Passwords With Friends And Family

They finally found out...

Take a second to think about the streaming services that you watch. Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, etc. Are you actually paying to watch any of these?

If you’re like me, you maybe borrowed a friend’s account so you can watch that new episode of Stranger Things. On the contrary, you may have even given your own paid account information to someone else so they can do the same. Either way, Netflix is the first to start cracking down on this practice.

In a recently transcribed interview with business news outlets, it was said that Netflix CPO (Chief Production Officer) Greg Peters is ‘continuing to monitor this ongoing situation’ after seeing a significant dip in their Quarter 3 Earnings.

His interview answers also implied that sooner rather than later, they are going to start implementing ways to avoid password sharing. Specific plans were not stated.

However, he did reassure current users that it would not isolate its existing user base. In other words, they don’t plan to sign every account out of each device and require you to sign in again.

Well they have finally caught on, so be careful!

Scene from Netflix Original, ‘Big Mouth’

Other major streaming outlets have yet to make a statement publicly about the issue.

Interesting to note, in the Netflix Original cartoon series ‘Big Mouth’, the characters at the end of an episode in Season 1 joked to each other about sharing passwords to their Netflix accounts watch a popular TV series, only to be interrupted by a fake cut screen. So this is definitely a problem they have been aware of for a while.

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