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Decadence Arizona 2019 Recap + Photo Gallery

Decadence Arizona 2019 rang in the new year with a bang, showcasing talent from all genres of EDM to a crowd of energetic festival goers ready for 2020. With three different stages, including a multi-channel silent disco, attendees were able to experience a wide range of audio and visual styles. From DJ sets to live acts, Decadence Arizona created a perfect musical atmosphere to wrap up the decade.

From the production team at Relentless Beats, electronic dance music was once again highlighting New Year’s Eve plans across the southwest. Decadence Arizona provided big names, state of the art stage design, and decent enough weather to enjoy any time spent outside the wild crowd.

While the festival did not go 100% to plan for the highly anticipated countdown at midnight, fans still enjoyed taking an adventure through the multi-dimensional world of EDM. From Illenium’s live “Ascend” show to the iconic new duo that is “Griztronics”, the party had something for everyone.

New to Decadence Arizona this year was “The Playhouse”, presented by Weird and Wonderful, where silent disco met magical circus performers in an artistic space filled with various vendors and services. With three different DJs performing at once, festival goers were able to switch up their vibe with the flick of a switch on their headphones. This allowed for an amazing spectacle, where multiple groups of EDM fans came together to rage in complete silence.

The popularity of this event seems to increase each and every year, making it one to watch for the end of 2020. With an entire year ahead of them, it will be interesting to see what Relentless Beats produces in lead up to this iconic celebration.

Click here to check out our entire photo gallery from Decadence Arizona 2019, and stay tuned for our official after movie.

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