M3F Festival Took Over Margaret T. Hance Park for it’s 17th Year

The return of M3F to Central Phoenix for it’s 17th year shows us that for locals, this festival is a can’t miss occasion. What truly makes this festival stand out is it’s dedication to serving the community. Their website really states it best:

“In a commitment to giving back, M3F has adopted a 3 C’s belief – community, culture, and charity. These 3C’s fuel the festival’s underlying dedication to its local people and causes. In the spirit of this belief, all of the proceeds from the festival benefit local nonprofit organizations.”

The local nonprofits that M3F supports are the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Teach For America, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Habitat for Humanity.

Music from several different genres was represented across the three stages at M3F. No matter what you were in the mood for, there was a little of everything, from modern EDM to 80’s metal tributes and beyond. This brought with it a diverse crowd of Arizonians, here to celebrate their own unique tastes with the community. With alternating schedules between the stages, and distance between simultaneous sets, when one stage went live, you would seldom hear another. Each stage felt unique and had unique production and screens, and sound quality was excellent whether at the rail or sitting back in the grass.

A wide range of food and beverage options from many different cultures were centrally located, with gluten free and vegan/vegetarian options available. Water refill facilities were available, but difficult to locate unless you knew where they were. Restroom facilities were adequate, with abundant porta potties and hand sanitizer stations. Trash and recycling cans were complimented by compost bins, with a handy chart on each bin showing what went into each individual receptacle. This was particularly useful since many of the plates, cups and cutlery provided by vendors were compostable!

Food and beverage vendors weren’t the only ones to show up at M3F either. A diverse spread of vendors included jewelry made with guitar strings, handmade tapestries and pashminas, and even hand carved wooden sculptures to name a few.

Overall, M3F is a local favorite, and will likely continue to be for years and years to come. With diverse lineups, the support of local businesses, and an ever growing fanbase it is probable that we will see McDowell Mountain Music Festival continue to rise in popularity.