Website solves problem of how long your toilet paper will last you

Its just as hard to find as your keys when you’re trying to run out the door. In addition, right now, its valuable as gold. You got it! Toilet paper is the impossible item to find unless you go to the store first thing in the morning. Most places won’t allow you to purchase the paper product in bulk, but some can’t even seem to spare a square.

Have no fear! The Internet will save us. A website created by student software developer Ben Sassoon and artist Sam Harris, has designed a calculator to determine just how much of the packaged bundle of joy you really need. calculates just how long your stash of TP will last you during a quarantine.

When the duo was discussing how much toilet paper they used, and how that would change during the pandemic, a light bulb came on.   .

Its simple. You enter how many rolls of toilet paper you have and how many times you pee or poo.

Since its inception, nearly four million people have used the tool. Additionally, the average person has a whopping 500% more toilet paper than they need for quarantine.

The whole point of the tool is to reduce the toilet paper shortage around the world. Amidst the ongoing corona-virus outbreak, some people have hoarded rolls of toilet paper worried they’ll be stuck at home.

“Not everyone is able to get to a store and stock up on toilet roll. Don’t be selfish,” the website says bluntly.

Jeff Kode

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