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COVID-19 coronavirus cases, deaths, recoveries in Arizona, U.S., and around the world right now

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BY THE NUMBERS (All data comes from Microsoft’s COVID-19 tracker): As of 6:00 p.m MST, 3/24

Total number of corona virus cases in Arizona: 326
Total number of corona virus cases in the U.S: 52,671 (+10,139 from Monday, March 23)

AZ Deaths: 6 (as of Tuesday, March 24)
U.S. Deaths: 682 (+84 from Monday)

U.S. Recoveries: 193 (+15 from Monday)

States with the highest number of confirmed cases:

New York: 25,665
New Jersey: 3,675
California: 2,566

Washington: 2,222

The rest of the nation:
Michigan: 1,767
Illinois: 1,517
Florida: 1,447
Louisiana: 1,342
Massachusetts: 1,147
Georgia: 1,059
Texas: 1,025
Colorado: 901
Pennsylvania: 844
Tennessee: 771
Connecticut: 606
Ohio: 556
North Carolina: 498
Wisconsin: 451
Indiana: 353
Maryland: 341
South Carolina: 337
Arizona: 326 (21st highest in US)
Mississippi: 319
Utah: 297
Virginia: 281
Nevada: 274
Missouri: 248
Alabama: 242
Arkansas: 220
Oregon: 204
D.C: 181
Minnesota: 173
Kentucky: 151
Iowa: 124
Rhode Island: 124
Maine: 115
New Hampshire: 107
Delaware: 104
Oklahoma: 102
New Mexico: 100
Kansas: 96
Hawaii: 89
Vermont: 88
Idaho: 81
Nebraska: 61

Montana: 46

States with the lowest number of confirmed cases:
Alaska: 36
North Dakota: 34
Wyoming: 30
South Dakota: 21
West Virginia: 20

Nations with the highest number of confirmed cases:
China: 81,171
Italy: 69,176
United States: 52,671
Spain: 39,676
Germany: 32,781
Total confirmed cases worldwide: 411,242 / Total Deaths Worldwide: 18,295


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