Daily Coronavirus News and Updates for Arizona, U.S, and World

Every day there is new information about the spread of COVID-19, or Coronavirus, or simply CV-19. Using numerous news outlets to provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge out there is my goal. Here you won’t find any editorializing or politicizing at all, just the facts, as they are reported.

As of Monday evening, there are more than 160,000 people infected with the virus in the U.S. and over 3,000 of them have died. That number exceeds those killed in the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. (New York Times)

A plane coming from China and carrying N95 masks, surgical masks, gowns, gloves, and thermometers arrived in New York on Sunday. The White House has said that around 20 cargo planes will be arriving in the U.S. to deliver much-needed medical supplies. (MSN)

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said that people congregating in public spaces who fail to disperse when ordered face fines of up $500. (Forbes)

Amid a rapid rise in coronavirus cases, Michigan and Louisiana are facing shortages of medical equipment. New Orleans will run out of ventilators by April 4 and hospital beds by April 10. (ABC News)

The United States now has more known cases than China, Italy or any other country has seen. (The Guardian)

Arizona’s new infections increased 238 from the previous morning. (KTAR)

Michigan’s coronavirus cases shot way up over the weekend. (ABC 12)

The state of Washington fell from the fourth highest amount of CV-19 infections to the eighth.

South Dakota remains the safest state in terms of infections per individual, and lowest number of active cases.

How many people have COVID-19 in your state right now?

How long will it take for hospitals to be overloaded if government and residents of Arizona take no action?

BY THE NUMBERS (All data comes from Microsoft’s COVID-19 tracker): As of 6:30 p.m MST, Mon March 30

Total number of coronavirus cases in Arizona: 1,157 (KTAR)
*Maricopa County — 689 cases ( 35% 18-39 years, 33% 40-59 years, 32% 60+ years, and 0.4% ages 0-17.
Total number of active coronavirus cases in the United States: 160,718 (New York Times)

AZ Deaths: 20 (KTAR)
U.S. Deaths: 3,002 (NYT)
U.S. Recoveries: 4,913 (+4,100 from Friday)

States with the highest number of confirmed cases:
New York: 61,674 (1 in 71)
New Jersey: 16,636
California: 7,043
Michigan: 6,309
Florida: 5,633

Nations with the highest number of confirmed cases:
United States: 163,479
Italy: 101,739
Spain: 87,956
China: 81,470
Germany: 66,885

Total confirmed cases worldwide: 777,286 (New York Times)
Total Deaths Worldwide: 37,140 (New York Times)
States with the highest number of confirmed (active) cases: (New York Times)
1. New York: 61,674
2. New Jersey: 16,636
3. California: 7,043
4. Michigan: 6,309

5. Massachusetts: 5,686

The rest of the nation:
6. Florida: 5,633
7. Illinois: 4,982
8. Washington: 4,204
9. Pennsylvania: 4,103
10. Louisiana: 3,840
11. Georgia: 2,930
12. Texas: 2,758
13. Colorado: 2,576
14. Connecticut: 2,576
15. Ohio: 1,894
16. Tennessee: 1,863
17. Indiana: 1,751
18. North Carolina: 1,350
19. Maryland: 1,355
20. Wisconsin: 1,260
21. Arizona: 1,134
22. Missouri: 1,016
23. Virginia: 993
24. Nevada: 993
25. Alabama: 924
26. South Carolina: 907
27. Mississippi: 831
28. Utah: 802
29. Oregon: 590
30. Arkansas: 469
31. Oklahoma: 463
32. Minnesota: 432
33. Idaho: 408
34. Kentucky: 405
35. Rhode Island: 404
36. Iowa: 400
37. Kansas: 360
38. New Hampshire: 311
39. New Mexico: 277
40. Delaware: 249
41. Vermont: 244
42. Maine: 231
43. Hawaii: 204
44. Montana: 167

45. Nebraska: 151

States with the lowest number of confirmed cases:
46. West Virginia: 144
47. Alaska: 112
48. Wyoming: 95
49. North Dakota: 88
50. South Dakota: 66 (1 in 3,021)

Nations with the highest number of confirmed cases:
United States: 82,327 (1,177 have died) [The Guardian] – Third most populated country in the world.
China: 81,340 – Most populated country in the world.
Italy: 80,589 – 23rd most populated country in the world.
Spain: 56,197 – 30th most populated country in the world.
Germany: 43,211 – 19th most populated country in the world.

Largest populated nations with lowest number of confirmed cases:
Brazil: 4,330 (Wikipedia) – For being the sixth most populated country in the world, Brazil has a relatively low amount of cases. Most of them are in São Paulo, the most populous Brazilian state.

Russia: 1,836 – Vladimir Putin has offered general assurances that the situation in Russia is “under control,” and the metro is still running, and shops and restaurants are open. As of this moment, Russia, a country of a hundred and forty-four million people, claims to have carried out a hundred and sixty-five thousand coronavirus tests in total, about half the number that were performed in the United States. (The New Yorker)

Pakistan: 1,717 (Wikipedia) – 5th most populated country in the world

Indonesia: 1,414 – The fourth most populated country in the world already has the most deaths in south-east Asia, but research suggests the official infections so far may only be 2% of the total (The Guardian)

India: 1,251 – The country has a population of 1.3 billion people. Their Prime Minister has imposed a 21-day nationwide lockdown. There will be a total ban on venturing out of homes. (BBC)

Mexico: 993 (Reuters) – The U.S.-Mexico border has long been a region of contrasts. But people in both countries are puzzling over the latest one: The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus on the Mexican side is just a small fraction of the U.S. count. On Sunday, confirmed cases in California topped 6,200, compared with just 23 in Baja California. Arizona had 919 cases, dwarfing the 14 in neighboring Sonora. New Mexico reported 237 cases; in Chihuahua state, there were six. (Washington Post)

Nigeria: 131 – Nigerians are bracing for a partial lockdown from Thursday, March 26 as authorities try to contain the spread of coronavirus cases in the country of about 200 million people. (Aljazeera) / The latest available report by Nigeria’s Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) shows the country had tested only 152 people as of Mar. 22. (Quartz)

Bangladesh: 49 – Bangladesh’s largest vernacular daily Prothom Alo reported last week that only 1,732 testing kits are available in a country of nearly 180 million people. Although, a group of scientists in Bangladesh has developed a $3 testing kit they claim can detect coronavirus in less than 15 minutes. (Aljazeera)

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