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Scottsdale victim of coronavirus shares story of what it was like to go through COVID-19 infection

This is the story of a woman in Scottsdale who is recovering after contracting COVID-19. She shares her experience in the hope that it helps others learn more.

Shelly Wood has no idea where she came in contact with the virus. She had recently visited South Carolina to be with her father. They had just reunited after brought them back together.

Shelly claims she did everything she could to be safe. She had gloves on, wore a face mask, and used her hand sanitizer. “I am so freaking clean. I was very, very careful,” she says.

A couple of days before she left South Carolina, Wood says she began having some headaches. Almost a week after she had come home, the worst symptoms of COVID-19 kicked in.

Her head hurt so bad it felt like it was going to explode. Then her lower back started hurting, which persisted for several days. Her whole body ached. She was constantly shivering. Her sense of taste and smell left her. She couldn’t breathe completely all the way in. When she did, it caused a lot of coughing. There was a tightness in her chest, like she wasn’t getting enough air. “It was like someone had wrapped tight rubber bands around my lungs,” Wood said.

Many people have had a rough time getting a doctor to approve them for a COVID-19 test. Simply, there is a lack of testing supplies. Wood said she luckily got an appointment immediately. She credited her recent travels and symptoms to the rapid response.

A friend told her to call 211 even though she could barely talk at that time. Luckily, someone answered that line. Wood responded emotionally. “I almost felt like crying because it was so painful.”

Three weeks have passed since Wood has been quarantined at home. She is fighting through all the symptoms linked to the deadly virus. She claims it feels very similar to the flu, but ten times worse.

Something that did help her was sitting out in the sun, which relaxed her muscles and eased her pain. She also suggested drinking lots of cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar, to boost your intake of vitamin C, along with water.

Wood has been documenting her experiences by blogging on her social media pages. Wood said everyone should take this virus very seriously.

She said she felt fortunate to be one of the survivors. Her fiancee also got very sick, before Wood did, but he was still awaiting his test results to find out if he too was COVID-19 positive.

In order to protect her friends and community, she plans to continue to quarantine herself until all symptoms pass. She also praised healthcare workers for diligently checking in on her regularly.

Jeff Kode

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