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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey extends stay-at-home order statewide with modifications

32 states issued a stay-at-home order before Arizona. There have been 68,813 tests given in the state and as of 5 p.m local time, there are 7,202 COVID-19 cases. The death toll has reached 304. As a result, Gov. Doug Ducey has extended stay-at-home orders through May 15th.

22 places in the state remain closed.

What’s closed in Arizona until May 15: Schools, Universities, Restaurants, Bars, Gyms, Movie Theaters, Barber Shops, Salons, Spas, Concerts, Spring Training, Large Venues, College Sports, Major League Baseball, Casinos, NBA, Weddings, Bowling Alleys, Large Outdoor Events, Small Businesses, Most Retail, and Daycare centers.

On May 4, voluntary, appointment-based businesses may return. This would include dentists, etc. Following that, May 8 will allow voluntary, reduced-capacity businesses to open with some restrictions. Beginning May 12, customers may be able to dine-in at their favorite restaurants. When asked about other types of businesses, like gyms, barber shops and salons, the governor said there is no specific timeline in place for reopening, but he is also hopeful for the month of May.

Arizona is 10th in the country where new cases are increasing. Arizona’s new projection models indicate the state might not see its peak of COVID-19 cases until May 22 or later, Dr. Cara Christ of the Arizona Department of Health Services said in a blog post Wednesday. The model shows that peak resource utilization won’t happen until around June 11.

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