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New poll shows how Americans are currently feeling about COVID-19

Are you feeling anxious or depressed in the COVID-19 era? Maybe you feel great! For a lot of Americans, feelings differ on their reaction to life in the coronavirus world.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) conducted a survey of our well being. Nearly half of Americans (48%) are anxious about the possibility of getting coronavirus, or COVID-19. In addition, nearly four in ten Americans (40%) are anxious about becoming seriously ill or dying from coronavirus. Almost two-thirds of Americans (62%) are anxious about the possibility of family and loved ones getting coronavirus.

More than one-third of Americans (36%) say coronavirus is having a serious impact on their mental health. Most (59%) feel coronavirus is having a serious impact on their day-to-day lives.

Just over half of adults are concerned that the coronavirus will have a serious negative impact on their finances (57%). Two-thirds of Americans (68%) fear that the coronavirus will have a long-lasting impact on the economy. Running out of food, medicine, and/or supplies is also a concern for some.

Most Americans (68%) feel knowledgeable about coronavirus and preventing its spread. Are people overreacting or under-reacting when it comes to coronavirus? About four in ten adults (39%) feel people are overreacting. On the flip side, nearly the same number do not feel that people are overreacting.

Most people report, despite high levels of anxiety resulting from coronavirus, they have not yet felt significant behavioral impacts. Only 19% report having trouble sleeping, while 8% have been consuming more alcohol or other drugs/substances. 12% say they have been fighting more with partner or loved ones (because of being stuck at home together). Nearly one in four people (24%), say they have had trouble concentrating on other things because they are thinking about coronavirus.

The American Psychiatric Association, founded in 1844, is the oldest medical association in the country. The APA is also the largest psychiatric association in the world. More than 38,800 physician members specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and research of mental illnesses. APAโ€™s vision is to ensure access to quality psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. For more information please visit

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