PULSE SPORTS: At 5-2……The Question is???? Are the Arizona Cardinals REALLY that good?

Are the Arizona Cardinals…good? Well if 5-2 sounds good to you then YES they’re good! Kyler Murray has been clicking with Coach Kingsbury, new addition Deandre Hopkins is playing lights out, and I’m beginning to think Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t age…

After handing Seattle their first loss right before going into the bye week, the Cards have seemed to garner tons of momentum and confidence, which is very important considering how young this team is. Coming off of the bye, they play the Miami Dolphins, who are also a VERY young team who actually just named 2nd overall pick, Tua Tagovailoa, their starting quarterback going forward. With these two teams clashing, the Cardinals true young talent will either come out to play, or fail miserably against a pretty good, youthful, Dolphins team.

The reason I say this is because the same exact thing has happened twice this season already, and they were both terrible losses to the Lions and Panthers in which they should’ve won. Yes this team is good, but make sure to not overreact, because there are still many reasons to be concerned about these Cardinals. The defense isn’t playing great, the inconsistency is holding them back from being a top tier team, and they just so happen to be in the best division in football. So don’t overreact, but there is definitely reason to be excited for the future!

Speaking of divisions, there is 1 division that is being regarded as the worst division in NFL history, and it’s the NFC East, or as some call it, the NFC Least. This division has 7 total wins from Dallas, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington. To put that in perspective, the NFC West has 19 wins. The #1 team in the East right now is the Philadelphia Eagles with a record of 2-4-1.

As an Eagles fan myself…this is not fun. Let me just say, that if it weren’t for these injuries, the Eagles would be a top NFC team. With the way the Cowboys are falling apart, it looks like Philly could still win the division and host a playoff game come January. Hope they won’t have to play the Cardinals…